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If the young are to be instructed at all, it seems to me that they ought to be instructed in the high human value of this toleration. They should be taught what they learn by experience in the school yard: that human beings differ enormously, one from the other, and that it is stupid and imprudent for A to try to change B. They should be taught that mutual confidence and good will are worth all the laws ever heard of, ghostly or secular, and that one man who minds his own business is more valuable to the world than 10,000 cocksure moralists.

— H.L. Mencken (via eltigrechico)

There was more

After a whole day of intermittent heavy rain I’d began to wonder if someone should look into turning the sprinklers off, but such a topic had become taboo-like after the debacle of little billy not taking his Ritalin. Instead, burying it in the dirt for a span of many months. That crazy fuck sure did grow up to be a wildcard, I don’t think I’ll be going to his apartment again anytime soon. He has a lot of debt and a hefty collection of brass knuckles, but aside from that I’d just be attracting attention from the wrong kind of people.
The next day I came to realize that the seats in science class had totally changed around now, and the herd of students had become decidedly thin. I guess my old lab mates had bigger things to worry about than seats, like finally figuring out how to operate a riding lawnmower and build a tree house on paper so they can pass the damn class. As for myself, I was pleasantly surprised to see that my competition was becoming more and more insignificant. “Cool” I said, then left the college to make the drive home in time for dinner.
Back at the farm I discovered that the whole billy situation was still spiraling out of control, and they had locked the poor bastard away in an old shed and took away all of his tonka trucks. Probably what helped lead to his destructive behaviors later in life, but I digress. All of the metallic smells aerating out of the kitchen made me lose my appetite, and I escaped from the house. It was raining, again, the freaking sprinklers were still on, and I noticed a sizeable stream was being created that ran in front of the house and stretched all the way past the barn. I thought “enough of this”, and went to see about turning off the water vane, damning all repercussions from timidly, yet surprisingly aggressive family.
I had to cross the stream to get to the water house, but despite my caution I still managed to slip in the mud. It could have been worse I guess. When I finally got to the shut off valve I saw that the large lock the family overlord had put on it to squash Billy’s Ritalin-less shenanigans was not even latched. What a relief. I turned the old rusty valve and the rain just so happened to stop along with the sprinklers at the same time. I paused and looked at Billy’s shed, wondering what was bound to come my way now.